Scientific Discovery Relevant to the
Superpowers of the Human Biomind



As many readers of this database might have recognized, I've not been content to discuss the biomind superpowers within the narrow limits that have ghettoized psychic or parapsychological matters.
Instead, I've elected to extend the topic well into its larger sociological context -- the context of our human species.
The superpowers are not just superpowers with narrow relevance detached from the rest of our humanness. After all, the superpowers are NOT found just in parapsychology or the so-called paranormal. They are found in human beings.
Breaking apart the phenomena of human beings into "normal" and "paranormal" is a mental artifact in the minds of those who do so.


This artifact results in an oddity seldom noticed, and which I'll do my best to articulate.
If for nothing else, our great Western civilization is noted for its magnificent, ongoing scientific and technological discoveries.
But since there is such a strong barrier between the "normal" and "paranormal," the discoveries are interpreted only in ways that avoid whatever paranormal implications they might hold or portend.
Put another way, this is the same as saying that scientific discoveries are not interpreted regarding the illumination they might bring to the so-called "paranormal."
In this way, there is no information crossover -- and so progressing scientific discovery is seen as having nothing to do with the superpowers which are largely, and falsely, seen as paranormal.


Yet, there IS an abundance of crossover possibilities, and it is easily opportune to learn more about the superpowers by examining the extended implications of "normal" scientific discovery.
Indeed, as will be slowly revealed in
Section 2 of this site, about 85 per cent of the long-term research and development at Stanford Research Institute (1972-1985) was based in accepted scientific discovery -- but the implications of which had never been extended into a working relationship with the functioning of the superpowers.


Since the 1970s, scientific discoveries that may have implications for a number of the superpowers have increased; and for some reason especially so during the 1990s. The focus of this Section will principally consider some few recent crossover scientific discoveries announced in some official form


Since this website does not have a Staff capable of keeping on top of all things, we would be grateful to anyone who observes a possible correlation between ongoing or accumulating scientific discovery and the superpower faculties. Please include references to the scientific publication in which the discovery is announced -- accompanied, if possible, by a fax or email version of the article. Thanks in advance. (Ingo Swann)

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