Occasional Reviews of Books and Published Materials
Having Direct or Indirect Relevance to the Biomind Superpowers


Ingo Swann (Spring 1998)


The proposed function of this Section is to attempt to isolate from within the world's information gluts various published materials having more pronounced relevance to the circumstances and contexts of the superpowers of the human biomind.

In this regard, the term RELEVANT usually means "pertinent," but more specifically implies "a traceable, significant, or logical connection to" a situation or to sets of circumstances.

It is quite likely that everything that gets into print has some kind of relevance to something. In large part, though, a great deal gets into print -- but the relevant-to factors remain foggy, confused, or obscure. Additionally, some published materials cannot be seen as relevant to anything because whatever the relevance may be is unknown, unfamiliar or alien to readers' comprehension.

In the sense of the above, the human biomind superpowers can be read about. But their relevance to whatever is not very clear, sometimes meaningless, because in our modern Western culture our lives can be lived quite well without them -- at least theoretically. The superpowers therefore have been traditionally marginalized and minimalized, and our Western science, philosophy and psychology have seen no need to take them into account or research them.

Thus, except as curiosa strange, unusual, it is very difficult to establish or convey meaningful contexts and relevance's regarding the superpowers.

The usual method in which reviews are offered up is to say something about what the book is about, perhaps with the reviewer slanting public perception this way or that in accord with the reviewer's own predilections. Relevance-to factors, if any, are rare or left open, perhaps sometimes because the reviewers have not a clue as to relevance, or perhaps because the bottom-line relevance regards only associations to cow pucky stuff.

Sometimes relevance is missed all around because books are reviewed according to the apparent categories they fit into, while the categories are seldom allowed to cross over or to interface. Sometimes, terminology or jargon prevents wider grasps of important relevance's.

Our present Earthside cultures have never established a "science of relevancy," so to speak. And so the double fact is missed that the perception of relevance's vitalizes and empowers while non-perception of relevance's depowers and devitalizes. This sometimes (and of course only theoretically speaking) leads to unacknowledged and subtle formats of "mind control." Indeed, we want to identify with and be part of what we are told is relevant, and we do avoid associations with what we are told is not relevant.

During the past 200 years, the superpowers of our species have more or less been consigned to the status of "not relevant," especially in the modernist West. Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .!

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