The topic of remote viewing surfaced in 1973 when it became known that the CIA and other intelligence communities were interested in it and began funding appropriate research at Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International.)

Since that time the topic of remote viewing has been subjected to a gigantic amount of distorting media and other attention -- with the result that its nature, substance and functions are among the most confused and confusing topics of this century. Certain writers in the Internet and elsewhere have taken advantage of this confusion to further distort not only the essence and meaning of remote viewing, but its historical facts as well.

Some references to this confusion will be found in the database which comprises Section One of this site. Section Two of this site is devoted to serializing Remote Viewing -- The Real Story, authored by myself, and in which many of the reasons for the distortions will be detailed and set in perspective.

To help offset the many distortions, I have decided to formalize Section Four in this site and include in it only papers authored by others regarding remote viewing, its history, and its meaning and importance.

Section Four is not designed to serve as a debating platform regarding remote viewing or the circumstances which surrounded it, but rather to illuminate the knowledge of others regarding it and to stabilize its facts as well as can be done.

Contributed papers along these lines should be collected, stored and made available as a separate database file -- at least for posterity beyond our now, and for the possible interest of those who chance to come across them.

Remote reviewing is one aspect of our species superpower faculties, an aspect which under other names was identified in the very distant past and has been present in various formats throughout the millennia. The modern format of remote viewing was researched under very strenuous and strict scientific oversight committees. And so there is little tolerable reason to permit its history to remain confused and confusing.

Please observe copyright notices where they are given. Where noted, the copyright remains with the author, publisher or source indicated.

Please also note that the opinions and other information presented within the papers are those of their authors, and may not reflect my own agreement or that of anyone managing this site. Section Four is being compiled as an historical archive of selected source materials and nothing more.

Best wishes,

Ingo Swann